There is a wide variety of chess sets to choose from. They range from the simple and cheap cardboard folding board with mini plastic pieces, to Ivory and Oak boards with heavyset detailed pieces that exhibit extravagance. You may be wondering what you should choose, and that is what we are going to help you with.
Obviously, most are not going to want to pay three or even four figures on a chess set, whether it be the economy, a lack of interest, or fear of breaking them. There are many high quality sets that can be bought for a modest price if you are a smart buyer. It’s difficult to find such sets in supermarkets, game stores, or toy stores, unless it’s a specialized board game store. That is where the power and reach of the Internet comes into play. You could always look at big auction sites, or retailers, but the best place to look is specialized chess websites. A couple of well-known sites are ChessBaron USA and Chess Sets. The choice and freedom in being able to choose what to buy is overwhelming, especially if you have tried without luck to buy a good quality chess set from a brick and mortar retailer.
These sites offer a wide variety of sets and pieces, but we will guide to some affordable and quality sets. Simple navigate your browser to the standard or economy chess and look for something in your price range. Simple. Although these sets will probably cost more than your typical plastic set, it will last a lifetime, be great as a decoration, and make you feel better when you play with it. The quality of online sets greatly surpass that of most offline purchased ones.
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