Chess clubs have grown and become much more far-reaching than they ever have been. And yet, people would argue that interest in the game is decreasing. I disagree. With the advent of the Internet, learning to play, arranging games, joining tournaments, and finding clubs has never been easier. There are hundreds online to join and find, free or paid, but arguably the best and most distinguishable Internet club is (I guess they weren’t very creative when coming up with the name) Internet Chess Club. It is a paid club, but has hundreds if not thousands of members online at any given time, be it noon or four in the morning. This alone shows you the popularity and quality of the website. Members are found internationally, and range from new players, to veteran grandmasters. The Grandmasters registered and online can teach and tutor you how to play the game, or even how to play better. Tournaments and activities are held often for the members to attend and participate in, and the community is tightly knit and respectful. The website also has its own online chess game where hundreds of thousands of games are played daily over the Internet.
If you prefer an offline club, one you can actually visit and play face-to-face with others, there is a solution for you. The Internet Chess Club has a directory of chess clubs worldwide, from the USA to Australia, to Turkey. You can find small local clubs run and visited by small numbers, or large well-known clubs that have daily meetings and tournaments hosted that can even increase your rating in the Chess world. The numbers of these will most likely dwindle, unfortunately, due to the popularity of Internet based clubs and video games that occupy young ones time more than board games or thinking games.
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