There are a multitude of chess blogs on the Internet, too many to count to be honest, much like the rest of the blogosphere. Most Chess blogs, however, focus on tips, tricks, and strategies in bettering your game. Chess is obviously a hard game, and these blogs are here to help make you a contender at chess tournaments. Most require you to understand movements, the board’s positions of the squares, and some basic strategies. These blogs are not for newbies to the game, look for tutorials if you are just starting on playing Chess.
Chess Ninja is a very popular chess blog and gets many comments and views daily. It mainly posts blog posts on news about the game, such as the various tournament outcomes, news about chess legends and icons, and so much more. It’s a great read and I suggest that anyone who likes chess subscribes to Chess Ninja’s RSS feed.
Chess Goddess is another well-known weblog that is dedicated to women in the game. Its posts deal with women’s rankings, outcomes in women’s tournaments, following women chess grandmasters, and more. It also announces new tournaments for women. It’s a good read, and is in the popular blogger format by Google, so you can easily follow the blog if you have a Google account.
The Chess Coroner is a blog that focuses on the strategies employed in many tournament games and recounts moves made. It also announces chess tournaments and more, a good read, although not as popular as the others. It’s worth subscribing to however.
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