This humble site was created to aid any one searching on the Internet for information on clubs, tournaments, or other various chess topics. We’ve compiled a short but concise and informative website with pages on a variety of topics. Although we will not delve into learning how to play, getting better, or honing tactics and skills, we can give you general information on the whereabouts of blogs that will teach you those things.
Tournaments are another huge part of Chess. Similarily to Table Tennis (or Ping-Pong), you are able to compete in tournaments to gain ratings and advance in ranks worldwide. Many play Chess as a hobby, but when you get to the tournament level, things get serious. We are here to help you locate and find information about Chess Tournaments, and simple ideas and tricks that can help you in them. We won’t give you tactics or lay down strategies and battle plans for you, however. If you want to know about those, we can send you to various blogs or even clubs where you can be taught by professionals in the way of the game. Of course, if you’re just looking for a nice chess set, board, or figures, we can help you in finding a few good websites where these items are sold at a fair price. Chess need not be expensive, unless you like those heavy decorative ebony pieces, but at that prices, it’s more of decoration, not something you want to risk playing with.
Why are we doing this? We love Chess, and want to help spread information about it worldwide. The Internet is the perfect medium for doing so, due to its far reach; billions of people use it daily, and grabbing even a small percent of that will help teach people about the wonders and beauty of the thinking game.

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