General Info
Chess, as some of you visitors may know, is a thinking game requiring a strong hold on strategy and tactics to play and much time to hone those aforementioned tactics. Many have spent years honing their chess strategies and continue to get better and better. Chess is an interesting game in that each game can turn out very different from the previous one, and each game and situation requires different tactics to win. These tactics will not be talked about in this site, however; this website was created to give some general tips and information about Chess, and where you can find various tournaments, blogs, and more. We hope our information will help you in your endeavours.
We would like to welcome you to our site. By the way - we get our luxury chess equipment from ChessBaron in the UK, or ChessBaron in the USA, who both have a good range in sets. Others do too, but we've found these the best so far. Now, we've created this chess resource for a variety of reasons, of which can be read about on the About Page. We don't want to bore you so let's cut to the chase. We have compiled information on a few topics, tournaments, clubs, and more, so that our visitors can be better informed on the game and newbies or veterans alike can learn about some great sites to read, tournaments to attend, or clubs to visit and play or practice.
This easy to navigate site will give you an overview of some websites, clubs, and even tournaments for Chess. Although we can not help you much in getting better, we will give you the information you need to find clubs and go to tournaments in which you can enhance your game, and build on your skills and knowledge. We hope you will find what you are looking for, simply navigate via the top bar or check the sitemap for links around the website. Happy hunting!

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